Oahu Deep Sea Fishing Hawaii

Aikane Sportfishing
From: $621.00
Duration: 4 hours

Join the captain and crew of Aikane Sportfishing and get ready for an exciting sportfishing adventure.

Inter-Island Sportfishing - Sea Hawk
From: $758.00
Duration: 4-10 hours

Experience the thrill of big game fishing in the waters off Oahu's south shore. Come aboard the Sea Hawk and reel in a Blue Marlin, Sailfish or Tuna!

Inter-Island Sportfishing - Shared Fishing Trip
From: $181.00
Duration: 4-10 hours

Choose between three sportfishing boats and enjoy a shared fishing trip in the waters off the Waikiki coastline.

Waikiki Sport Fishing
From: $224.00
Duration: 4-10 hours

On some of the best blue water fishing grounds in Hawaii, Waikiki Sport Fishing is proud to offer Sport fishing in Oahu.

You will find different Oahu Fishing Charters of your choice to the right.  To learn more about the Oahu Fishing Charters, click on the pictures to learn more and order with Deep Sea Fishing Hawaii to get your discounts.  If you’re not sure what Hawaii Activities to choose on one of your Hawaii Trips, let Deep Sea Fishing Hawaii help you decide.  You will find Deep Sea Fishing in Oahu to be an extremely popular Hawaii Activity.

You have many options in Hawaii for you to choose from for Fishing Boats in Oahu.  Several options for a one of a kind Oahu Activities are Oahu Fishing Tours and Deep Sea Fishing in Hawaii.  You will thoroughly enjoy Oahu Deep Sea Fishing Tours in Oahu.  You will be fishing for big game fish like Ono (Wahoo), Ahi (Yellow fin Tuna), Mahi Mahi (Dolphin Fish), Spearfish and Marlin with Oahu Sport fishing Charters.  You will find only experienced captains that are experts on Oahu’s waters with the Oahu Fishing Tours.  The best Captains and crew are found on Fishing Boats in Oahu.  The Captain and crew are experienced and know the best forms of catching fish on all Hawaii Tours.   For great Oahu Activities Deep Sea Fishing Tours in Hawaii are something you don’t want to miss out on.  There are many Oahu Fishing Charters offered by Deep Sea Fishing Oahu.  There are many Oahu Deep Sea Fishing Tours offered including Boom Boom Sport fishing, Inter-Island Sport fishing,  Aikane Sport fishing,  Magic Sport fishing, and Kuu Huapala Fishing Company.  Deep Sea Fishing Oahu can help you find the best Oahu Sport fishing Charters that will suit you better, if you’re an experienced fisherman or a beginner.  For the best rates for Oahu Fishing Tours, Deep Sea Fishing Hawaii has the best Oahu Activities and Hawaii Tours.  Book your trip early as spaces are limited on Oahu Fishing Charters. Reserve your Oahu Fishing Tours today and save with Deep Sea Fishing Hawaii.  Certain times of the year are more popular and the Deep Sea Fishing in Hawaii fishing boats book months in advance at.



Deep Sea Fishing In Oahu

To enjoy Oahu Fishing that you will remember for a lifetime, fishing boats in Oahu will give you that opportunity.  On one of your Hawaii trips, Oahu Deep Sea Fishing is a fun and exciting Hawaii Activity.  Boom Boom Sport fishing offers two Oahu Sport fishing Charters.  You can choose from several Oahu Deep Sea Fishing Tours. 

All of the above Oahu Deep Sea Fishing Tours depart from Ko’olina.  From the two boats that are used, you will enjoy a spacious cabin which will allow guests to be out of the sun if preferred to relax on Oahu Sport fishing Charters.  For some of the best fishing in the world try Deep Sea fishing in Hawaii.                

The boat you will be aboard is the 40 ft.  custom  Rybovich design, called The Boom Bomm.  It is a Funai built Sport fisher.  The other boat is called the Boom Boom II and is a 50 ft. Unifilite/ Chris Craft Sport fisher.   Oahu Deep Sea Fishing with one of the Oahu Charters is something  you don’t want to miss out on.  

There another boat available through Deep Sea fishing in Oahu.   It is a 50 ft. Pacifica yacht known as the Magic.   It is also known to be one of the most comfortable Oahu Sport fishing Charters.  There has been many record fish brought in by the experienced Captain and crew on the Magic.

"Thank you very much John. Words can't express my gratitude. You helped make my first trip to Hawaii exciting and memorable. I look forward to doing more business with you and will recommend my friends and family as well. Mahalo  and  aloha."

- G. Escalona, full day shared Oahu fishing customer

Fishing Boats in Oahu

Another choice offered by Deep Sea fishing in Oahu is a 53 ft. custom-built sport fisher known as The Maggie Joe, certified for 25 passengers.  This boat was custom designed for fishing the Hawaii waters.  A 46 ft. Hatteras is the Mazel Tov that hold 6 passengers.   The Sea Hawk is a 42 ft. Tolly Craft.  Inter- Island Sport fishing runs all of these Oahu Sport fishing Charters.  All boats depart from Kewalo Basin Harbor, and the Captain and crew are experienced in bringing in the big prize fish.

Aikane Sport fishing runs a 40 ft. Bertram Sport fisher which is state of the art fishing boats in Oahu known as the Kekahi.  The Oahu Fishing Tours run by Aikane Sport fishing will leave from Hickham Air force base.  This Oahu Fishing Tours has been around as one of the Fishing Boats in Oahu.

Another fishing boat in Oahu is made in Hawaii for Hawaiian waters called the Kuu Huapala.  It is a very comfortable riding 55 ft. boat with the traditional Polynesian flair.  This fishing tour leaves from Kewalo Basin.

"Thank you for the awesome fishing adventure yesterday with my sons, Scott and Bryan.  Although we've been on many deep sea adventures in many  resort, yesterday's was by far the most enjoyable.  Not only was the fishing successful and a lot of fun, we learned a lot and laughed a lot.  You and Glenn  (Blue Nun Sport fishing) were great hosts.

“To top off an already great day, I can't believe how wonderful the meal was at Chart House that you arranged for us to enjoy our Mahi Mahi.  We were treated like rock stars.  They made great food that included  preparations of the fish and then made it even better by giving us a dramatic discount!"

- G. Buchert, Orange, CA



For one of the best places in the world for big game fishing the Hawaiian Islands is the place.  This is what they are known for.    The coastal shelf has a big drop off just off the Island of Oahu.  This will give you large prize fish like Mahi Mahi, Marlin, Tuna, and Ono.  They all swim close in to eat.  This is why Oahu Sport fishing Charters are known as the best in the World.  Waianea Coast is one of Hawaii’s most abundant fishing grounds.   Fishing is great in these deep yet calm waters.  The Waianea Coast has three Fish Aggregation Devices that attract big pelagic fish close to the Island.  You will get a lot more fishing in when leaving from Waianea, because you won’t spend your day traveling.  You will spend your day catching big fish.  Call Deep Sea Fishing in Oahu or go to the website and choose which of the charters would suit you best after learning more on fishing boats in Oahu.

“I enjoyed a midnight shark hunt during my most recent trip to the islands from Ohio. The trip was a gift from my son-in-law and it was the adventure of a lifetime. I reeled in a 180 pound sand shark that took just about every ounce of strength I had. The captain and crew were top notch, and very entertaining. I would recommend this trip to anyone looking for some added adventure while vacationing in Oahu. Thanks again for the time of my life. -J. Wariono

State of the art Oahu Fishing Charters

The state of the art equipment and the amenities are available on our Oahu Fishing Charters at a discount with Deep sea fishing in Oahu.  You make want to pack a lunch and snacks along with a lot of water, but no bananas.  On the Oahu Deep Sea Fishing Tours, they are known as bad luck!  Wear comfortable clothes, a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, and anything else you think would make you comfortable.  Deep Sea Fishing in Oahu has done all the hard work for you now, book you tour and start preparing.

Oahu Fishing Tours are Always in Season

Any time of year is great for Oahu Sport fishing Charters.  Some of the best sport fishing in the world is right here, don’t miss out.  Reserve your place today for Oahu Fishing Tours with Deep Sea Fishing in Oahu, as well as any other  Oahu Activities and Hawaii Tours.  Deep Sea Fishing Oahu, offers other   Hawaii Big Island Fishing Charters. (website)


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